Thursday, December 30, 2004

so long my year

Yes it doesn't seem that 2004, should be ending. It seems that this year has gone very fast, and I have myself asking, Where has it gone. This year had a lot of defining points of my life. In May I graduated from high school. I spent the summer doing nothing much short of working it away. I then took off for Arizona. It doesn't seem like I am done with a semester there. I know that I had a lot of experiences, and that they were awesome. I was able to leave Wyoming, thanks to my parents' support. To be able to go away for college is always something that I wanted to be able to do.
Arizona has felt like a long summer camp.... an awesome time of meeting people, and having a bast with them.
To "loose my computer butt" should be my new year's resolution, but then I would no longer be able to blog, what fun would that be?!?!
I am totally going to have to do some thinking on my New Year's Resolution, because it is something that I never do, and it is something everyone else does, so I should too. I suppose we are all doing it because we were told to, or because it is something else for this society not to complete together.
I know that that 2004 was a great year in many ways... a lot happened in my life, and those around me. I am ready to say goodbye to it, because 2005 has to have some amazing things in store...
that is.... if the world doesn't end.....