Tuesday, January 04, 2005

6 sides so different

The snow came down today...
yes yes it fell from the sky.
The wind blew it all around
no no everywhere not just the ground

I took the opportunity today to wear my snow-pants the majority of the day. I wore them when I went to the stores, and well just everywhere I went. I wore them around my house. I took a nap while wearing them, got a little warm so I opened up the little vent places at the knee. I ate dinner in them, and ooo look a little spot on them from where I spilled. I drank hot chocolate in them, that ended up on my shirt. I sat in them, and I looked cute! I knitted in them, wait I wore them like all day, so I did a lot in them. These snow-pants are amazing. I am going to wear them tomorrow to. I mean if it snows you should wear snow-pants, even if you aren't in the snow with them!
I am going to be a super hero in snow-pants... none of that star blanket cape crap! I am talking SNOW-PANTS! Off to save the world... before my bedtime--which I missed already...

I was sitting there at preschool today watching the snowfall and well I was thinking about how each snowflake is different. Then I looked at all them little kidlets during snack time, yes I was sitting at a mini table in a mini chair, and well I was thinking how different each kid was. No person is the same. I know these differences, I know how everything is different. I never thought that I was different than before. Different is what I always was. Now that difference is me and the snowflake next to me. I am nothing like those that fall with me, or pile up next to me. I, I got out. That wind it blew me away.

The snow-pants I wear tomorrow FOR SURE!