Tuesday, January 11, 2005

learning from them

This morning I went to McDonald's with the preschoolers. It was gross. It really made me wonder why people eat there, but it was funny to see the kids reaction to it. There was a ton of grease on the floor, and the kids where sliding all over it. I had to hold some of them up so that they didn't fall in that crap, cause I didn't want to clean them up. One boy turned to me once I had grabbed him right before he hit the ground and said, thanks if i fell in that I would be all gross. Then one of the girls turned to me and was like I think they should clean their floor better.
Something about the fact that these four and five year olds knew that makes me scared to think that cleaning people don't. It was interesting to see how much the preschoolers reacted to everything. They wanted to go into the freezer, but since they weren't allowed they would stick their hands out till they felt how cold it was, and then be done with it. The all took turns spraying the dishwasher and ended up all wet from it.
The funniest was to see how many different ways they would eat their pancakes. You wouldn't think that they would know how they like theirs or anything like that but each one knew exactly.
Once we were back at the house, one of the little boys was calling me lazy for sleeping in during preschool yesterday. He is also the one that called me this morning to make sure I was coming. I suppose I was lazy, but I needed sleep just the same, and how would he know that that is lazy.
Overall the mixture of snow, grease, and being told I was lazy, this morning was complete.