Friday, January 07, 2005

lonesome road

lonesome road
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" the darkest country road, the strong scent of evergreen, from the passenger seat you are driving me home."

This is on the way to the ranch. I was uploading it, and these lyrics really seemed to fit, and it just happened to be the song playing.
It really does seems like home, going to the ranch and watching stars. But I am ready to get back to Tempe.

Today I spent the day in bed... after preschool... I really just slept a lot! Probably needed to after the all night of playing board games.
I can give clues to Taboo like AWESOME like. It doesn't seem like I would be but my mind works in crazy ways.
Tonight we got kicked out of the sketchy plains. That was interesting. Getting kicked out of a bar, because you brought in non-alcoholic drinks. I blame that place for more problems of the town now.