Sunday, January 02, 2005

more cows than people

so I totally never write about what I do a day because it seems like I do nothing. I am in Wyoming now, which really brings me to the point that I have nothing to do. I suppose I wrote little things like the cookies, and the grinch.... but yeah just nothing all the exciting ever seems to happen here.
People sit at the truck stop for hours drinking coffee, and/or smoking. I must admit I have been out there, but I actually don't drink coffee.. and I can't smoke because my allergies have been so outrageous. I go just the same and sit there, and sit there. Sometimes I drink the free water, but mostly I sit there.
Other than that Wyoming has mostly offered me coldness. I have been freezing. I am not sure if it is the 10 degree weather or that fact that my mom doesn't like high heating bills, so we don't turn it up past 62 degrees. I am just so cold. I would love it if there was snow along with the cold, but that isn't the case. I haven't been able to go sledding or build a snowman family. This week possible, but honestly I think not enough will fall to cover the ground.
Wyoming yes it was good for 18 years, but now that 19 is taking over us.. I am not so sure.....