Thursday, February 10, 2005

i know now

Tonight was the first time that I have gotten home sick.
I just wanted so much to go and make a snowman, or to sit at a table and eat. I looked back at my photos from break, and just some others I had brought, and I began to want to go home. I know that I struggled a lot with knowing where my home was before I went back at break, but since I have been back I am able to know that home will always be in Wyoming and with my parents.
It was snowing there yesterday. I miss that. I want to be able to wear my peacoat I got on break. Since being back here it just hangs in the closet. I want to eat something that is home cooked, not out of a microwave or anything like that.
I go home in a month, for spring break. I am excited for that chance to get out of here, away from the business of the city.

But really I have an english paper I have to have done for tomorrow morn.....

had to think out why I was home sick though.... since I have never really had it before...