Wednesday, March 16, 2005

spring is snow

Back in Wyoming for Spring Break... Some Spring... stepped off the airplane to snow beginning to fall. I guess that is Wyoming spring.
Not much happens here, in fact I am beginning to think that Wyoming isn't part of the world.
Even with all that I actually am enjoying all the time here with my family. It seems like the more distance I am to the rest of the people here, the better it becomes... I mean I am able to have family time, and really enjoy it.
I used to think that Spring Break was a time for trips, but now I just want to sleep. I find it hard to have the ability to get outta bed in the morning here, seems like that day was made for sleeping the entire thing away. Though I do get out just to wonder what I would be dreaming if I was still in there...
Maybe you would be in my dreams... maybe Canada would be, a place I have never been... maybe this world would be changed by a mere thought of what I was dreaming while sleeping the Wyoming day away... perhaps it would be a dream I could control.. or at least live out tomorrow
back to the spring... let the snow fall, while I stumble out of bed and make a day of what I have here