Friday, May 06, 2005


I think that I have come to find that I like the world that begins before noon. It is a different world. I seriously think that at noon, the world changes. In the morning there are less people out. This means lines are shorter, workers are more cheerful, things are just not overall as stressful. Stores are not scattered with the merchandise, they are still on shelves, or racks. One week days, kids are in school, weekends they are sleeping in. I think that the world before noon is just a better world. When I went to the DMV, before noon the line was shorter, and people were not in as much of a hurry, but as the time passed and it was afternoon, the world turned around. When I went to the grocery store around nine am, the crowd were older people, and they would say sorry if they hit you with their carts, which yes this did happen.
All over I have come to find that I enjoy the world before noon, mostly in the citu.