Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Time to Say it , Time to Say it...Goodbye, Goodbye"

It is one of the hardest things to loose someone from your life. It is something when they are your age, and not just an elderly person you knew.

Time to say it...
I have memories with these people. I have regrets of how I treated them. I know there are a thousand things I could have done for them, but never did. But I also have the funny memories, and the times that will live on through the photographs-- I miss that time!

Time to say it...
I feel like I should be someone else right now. I should be in the place that I grew up, the place that reminds me of them, with the people that need a shoulder to cry on. It is time to say that I should have put school, and money to the side and gone to Wyoming. I feel today that I should be somewhere else. I couldn't even handle going to my afternoon class.

Goodbye, Goodbye
Goodbye to my friends. Goodbye.

It is more real today than since I heard. It is real that I don't be able to hear Casey's laugh, or Josh truck driving in front of my house. It is real that people are saying their goodbyes, and having closure in the town that raised us all.