Friday, May 26, 2006

I sold my soul

I recently created more of a myspace profile, after I said I didn't. I am owned.

I have been thinking that if tomorrow is a brand new day, when what is today when it is finished.

Cheyenne Frontier Days (The DADDY OF THEM ALL) has a lot of big names coming to plan this year. Big name COUNTRY singers, what could be better. What I enjoy most about the idea of Cheyenne Frontier Days is that fact that it is bigger than the Wyoming State Fair. When I had to present my ID to someone in Arizona she asked me about Frontier Days. I was like well I have only marched in a parade for it, never been to it, but it is the BIGGEST celebration of the Old West.
Aww Yes the Fun in WYoming. Drunk Cowboys. Dust and Mud- that dang old rodeo.