Saturday, July 04, 2009

Creative Pants on

Yes.. I have been feeling like creating, baking, making, and *gasp* finishing projects.
I have looked at some very creative people's blogs and have formed an ambitious project list.


With the help of some ladies, I sewed this bag. I love the material. Next class is skirts and today I got the cutest material for it. I have been trying to practice, so next time I get my pocket on a bit straighter.

Here is what I created! With a bit of inspiration from Bakerella . I had seen them before online, but hers just are so well put together, that I had to give it a try. BBQing is for the 4th of July right?!

S'mores Cupcakes!
This is an almost completed one. I got the recipe from A Homemaker's Habitat. Her recipe is adapted from the original Martha one that got me craving a camp fire.

I got the Arizona Firecrackers today. This is about all that is allowed in Arizona. I just want some sparklers! But instead I get a sound with no spark.

Can't wait to get a start on my project list filled with more making, sewing projects, and a couple Christmas crafts (even in July). First up is a bow tie for Hayden to wear to my brother's wedding!
Here the little H is celebrating the 4th.

Off to get started on something crafty!