Sunday, December 12, 2004


There seems to be something that I can't help but love about Christmas. I love the season. The songs, the decorations, the trees, and of course the spirit. I can tell you that it isn't Christmas without the snow though. I saw lights on a catus last night! What is that! I seriously don't see how it can be anything but a white Christmas! The thing love about the things here in Arizona compare to back home, is that even though there will be no Christmas snow, all the things still relate to snow. There is the fake snow, or the songs are just the same. The fact that it is 78 degrees outside doen't make any fact of the matter that Christmas is still based on the cold weather. The spirit of Christmas is something that I am just starting to see more. I suppose I didn't see it at home, because I felt the stress of Christmas with my parents, trying to get all the things done and all that. When I am way it seems that the spirit is strong. Everyone is ready to give, sing, and just celebrate. I love that about Christmas time, celebrating! I have been to parties, and pagents, all of much are celebrating. That is just an awesome thing to bring us all in.
The things I always love to do at this time are
1. an angle tree gift--- giving a present to someone that might not get one otherwise
2. playing Christmas and singing along horribly!
3. make a snowman (have to wait a bit for this)
4. drink hot chocolate from a holiday cup (bonus is with a candy cane and marshmellows)
5. Wrap Presents!! (If you have anything you need wrapped-- let me know I would LOVE to do it!)
6. Write Christmas the letter/cards. I like to make the letter honest, my mom doesn't like that.
7. Wear Red, and green together or seperate! hahaha like your grandma does :)

There are soo many more...
It seems to me that I just think that more people need to focus on the celebration of the season and not worry so much if everything is perfect! So do your favorite things of the season, and CELEBRATE!
I went to 2 Christmas pagents, last night and this morning, they were awesome to see how much celebration can be made of it. All the singing, acting, and just joy!