Friday, December 10, 2004 NO 107

107 slides.... yes that is right Art History final was not my best friend. I think it was my worst enemy. I can't seem to understand why you, as an instructor, would not want people to be sucessful in your class. I am glad that I am not going into education. It seems like a much less than perfect way to make a living. I know that my mom loves it. Then again she is not in the public school system, and her kids all are able to say the letters in their names by the end of the year. It seems a much easy thing to do. As a tutor, I see how much some kids struggle with the way that their teachers show them. It is like the teacher is setting them up not to understand. I could go off on how high school didn't prepare me at all for college, and how the public school system has failed me, but here are some things that high school did help me with....

1. Being able to remember things for the test- and then never remembering again: in other words, it helped me to learn for tests, and not application of the ideas.
2. It helped me to be sure I knew what "group", "clique", or what my "rank" as an invidual was. I don't think that I would be able to have made it this far without being placed into that group.
3. High School made it possible for me to want to compete for my school, giving me that boost of SCHOOL PRIDE, or SPIRIT! (Honestly I didn't have this, I might have been on student council, but I didn't rah rah rah at all, but now that I am PAYING to be at a university, I should have some spirit about it)
4. My character was develped! It is my understanding that this is no longer in practice at DHS, which I think is horrible! Character Development, made it possible for my beliefs to be challanaged by a peer, and yet hold strong. It made me see why I thought what I did. It also helped us to see what was wrong with America, all within one person (Can I just say--RH)
5. I was able to see how money works the system. Not to say that we had wealthy people in our school, but how we had those that had more than others. Much like I see now, those people are able to just put the money down and get a little more of what they want. In the ways of more playing time on a sports team, or paying for something they will have in the end.

This was information that I needed, well in some ways. I am not sure that I would have learned then without certian things happening, but I sure do know that I will enjoy my open book, open note test on Monday. That is setting your students up to achieve things, I really have learned a lot from the class, but could I tell you the meaning of a painting from 1808 don't count on it.