Thursday, December 09, 2004

Snow me Home

It feel like it should be all snowy and all cold. I mean it almost Christmas, and I am yet to see snow fall. I mean I know I will probably the day I get back to Wyoming, but seriously it should feel like Christmas before than.
Speaking of going to Wyoming... It should be going home, I mean that where my home is, but I can't say that anymore. When people ask, when I am going home, I am like well I am there. I seems sad. Wyoming is a place that I love, but it just isn't where I am suppose to be right now.
Yeah guys... I LOVE Wyoming. I do... honestly I know that I would never have been able to have the experiences that I had if I didn't grow up in Wyoming. Where else would I have been able to have a cow in my backyard, and bottle feed it into a grown up Squiggles? (On a side note, I miss my Squiggles!) There were also the camps that I was able to go to, HSI, KEY Camp, SLC, and Bethel. I mean anywhere else but Wyoming these would have costed a lot, whereas there was little if any cost to me for these. I also had the chance to be All-State Student Council, and run for a state office. I doubt that I would have had the courage to do that, or much less the chance to. I wasn't able to ride horses to school, and most the roads are paved, but there is the fact that the four stop lights in my town, all cordinate together. I am thankful for Wyoming, and the experiences I took part in, but now I am here.
I have moved to a big city. Not a complete shock, and in fact I am yet to see some of the things I honestly thought that I would. I have had the semester here, and now Tempe is my home. How I defined it as home, didn't come right away, but these months have made it that way. I suppose that I can have two homes, it is not like I wasn't meant to belong more than one place. I suppose that is what I have now, two homes, that way I am not replacing one, just adding on.
So when I think about Wyoming, I guess there is a nice feeling that home will always be there, unless something terribly sad like a fire burns it down, but that will just be the house, and my family will still be there. The feeling of belonging will still be here, which makes it my home to start with.
I won't be able to claim my first Christmas without snow, just yet. I will be having a Wonderful White Wyoming Christmas, just a little different than I used to know. But the weather will be the same!