Monday, December 13, 2004

this girl named my hero

Honestly--- she is my hero! I am not going to tell you that I know her, but I do. I know her enough to admire the person that she is, and be amazed by the things she does. She is my hero!
You might think that you know someone just by the things you here, but I feel like I am part of her life, and she is a major part of mine. It seems that the things I hear are the good and the bad. I could tell you all of her faults, but more important the things she strives at! I have a hero, that I know... know her in a different way.. but to know she is my hero!
Something about meeting the people you don't know... it is like wow, I am finally meeting you and you are suppose to be in my life for a reason, I might not be sure of why yet, but you know that this person was brought there for a reason. I am really trying to look at the reason that each person was placed in my life. It isn't one of those things that is nice to do.. like you look at someone that taught you something that was soo hard to learn, but without that person you wouldn't have learned it... It is also hard to look back on the people you have lost and see what they added to your life, or meeting new people and wondering how your lives will be impacted by the other person.
I read the book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" last year around this time. It was an awesome book. They actually just made a movie about it, and it really followed the book closely. But--- this book takes a man who goes to heaven and sees how his life has affected others. It is crazy to see even though some of the people he didn't know, he played a major role in their life. It makes me think about how if I am impacting others, and teaching them things. It is intersting to think about if your life affects everyone around you, and yet to look at the reason others are in your life....
Suggestion: Read this book! I have a copy! Then watch the movie! I have a copy too!! (My mom recorded it for me! YEAH) But acutally they are awesome!!