Monday, December 13, 2004

through a different eye

This evening, my best buddy and I went to go and take some photographs around. That is where we went around. With no where to go, we went. I must say that when I am taking photos, I have this way of totally focusing on the world around me. I am able to see things I didn't know were there, or notice details about people I have seen before. I am not sure if it is because I am searching for that moment, or image, but I love to be so aware of everything. I mean not even just my eyes, I hear all the sounds around me, and I just smell things, and all those senses that are taken away with the the focus on the big picture.
There is so much beauty out there.. It also made me see all the things I am going to miss a lot, when I am home for break. I mean I am going to miss the sandal wearing, the palm tress, the water that isn't frozen, it is moving... Then again I will see the beauty in Wyoming too.
I think that I often take the beauty around me for granted. I mean the city is beauty all in its own, the rural area also beauty in a different sense. I think that I often see the ugliness as beauty too... it is one of those that is ugly, but your trash.. my treasure...alright I am a trash digger too.. I can't lie! I would dig for all the values of the world...
Think about how much people throw away... I mean I would honestly LOVE to just go threw the trash-- but I suppose if that is how I had to survive it would not have that much appeal to me! But for now.. I am blessed enough to not have to, so it has MUCHO appeal on it!
The best trash cans would be those behide Thirft Store. They have to throw out clothes... and other things that aren't "up to quality" but think about how many good clothes you could find... good for me!
Maybe my new fave game will be what rubish bin (I Miss BEKA!!) to jump in today, instead of job for the day! hahaha