Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hardcore Sledding

Hardcore Sledding
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This was from a while ago, but I just wanted to post it cause I really like it.
I guess I didn't think I would miss the snow when I finally picked Arizona, but I do now that I have been in it. I don't miss the negative temperatures, or the ice packed roads that you slide half way off of or into poles.
This is at my ranch, between the barn and the house. It seems funny to think that I have a barn, sometimes I don't think of it seriously enough. How you could I am not sure.
There is something I can't figure out when I am home. It isn't anything that is out of place, or different than anything before... maybe I am just noticing how much I am my own person.
I am still the same person, I suppose I always was my own person, but I just can't stand not having someone there to watch over it and control it.