Thursday, January 27, 2005

important for realizing

important for relaizing
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It is important to recognize.... for realizing....

I have come to find that placing this words together in a random way it honestly the truth.
important to recognize something before you can realize it.
I feel like I am always at the recognizing stage of this... I can't move past it... I notice the problem or the not so much of a problem, the anything, but I can't realize it. I am not at the stage that it begins to become something.
It reminds me of when you recognize someone, but you still can't realize who they are. They are just that someone that is there, or someone that you just know you have seen before.

Right now I recognize the things that I am going in, but I am not sure that I can realize that it is me growing in them.
I can recognize that I am struggling with relationships, but I can't realize that I need to do something more with them.
I can recognize that I need to give up my heart, but I can't realize that it is tomorrow.
I know it is important to recognize these things so that I am able to realize them...
difference in it all I think so...
I took this photo before break, but it honestly never hit me until tonight when I thought about it.. and well I read it with a different view on it.
It was important to recognize it before I was able to realize it...

by the way... spelling is horrible tonight... check out the title of the photo hahaha