Friday, January 21, 2005

in the whelmed middle

Being overwhelmed because I don't have anything planned out finally got to me this week. I ended up putting all of my projects and exams on my calendar, and making more lists than any normal person knows what to do with. I suppose more than anything I am learning to deal with that is the way I have to be in order to function well for the most part.
My schedules are now color coded-- the calendar of times on my desk, matches perfect to my calendar on the computer with the things that are due, my notebooks following that same path. I am a nerd, and I know it.

All though I haven't attended two classes, this is how my schedule is looking this semester
Monday Lecture for AutoCad at 240 this may seem late, but it won't spot me from being up to catch the van to work at 815.
At night I have my drawing class, which I must say after buying the supplies for it, I am now over the shock I had at first.
Tuesday starts with English, which I am excited for the writings in there, and it seems to be an alright class overall.
Next move on to the Physics lecture.... and then Design and Human Behavior
Even though this design class seems to be going to have a lot more than the ones last semester I think that it is going to be something that I learn a lot from, or makes me more aware of people in my designs.
Wednesday another early work morning, class of physics right after and then night of drawing
Thursday looks just like Tuesday---
Friday-- work in the morning, and then physics lab---
I am not looking forward to having physics 4 days a week, but I think that it will help me to complete the things I have to get done for it quicker, although I must admit I have to get the book in before I can even start that.

My work study should be good this semester. I am excited to work with the much younger age of preschool.
My commitment spiritually is CONNECTION just building up my relationships a lot more, and with more love and forgiveness. One thing I have to do is point out with people have hurt me but let them know that I forgive them for that.

After a week of being overwhelmed but doing nothing about I begin to wonder...
I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?
It seems like you don't focus on just the one part of it. This did come form 10 things I Hate about You, but it helps me to take that look at things from the over view, or way like I want to be able to do. Though I am working at it, it seems that I get myself to worked up, because I am not at all most of the time. Maybe I should work more on this person, than trying to make me see more, or just a smaller step at first...