Sunday, February 27, 2005

Chance of Faith

There is something about this life that I can not think of as chance. It isn't chance that I am alive. There is no chance that it would just happen that the earth would be positioned to support human life so perfectly. I am not sure how things would be able to work if everything was just by chance. Life isn't chance. It was no accident.
It seems unrealistic to me that that some can think that the beauty of this world and all the complex elements would just be considered luck. There has to be something, or someone controlling them. Faith is what I have. Faith that there is more, faith that this life wasn't chance. Faith that someday things will be better.
I know I am taking a chance on my faith, but there is so many things in this life that are way more than a chance, that faith seems like a good place to start.

Today was a like a summer day to me. When I was walking around campus I thought about how life isn't chance. I don't know how the sun could shine. It isn't luck that the weather works differently each day, or that the ground each plant lives in can support it. Life is more than a chance.
THere seems to be more than just things appearing. How can we date things, and use a day that is just by chance when the world came to be. It wasn't an accident that people are smarter than other animals, or that man rules over them...
Chances happen in sports games, or in the weather, but not in the creation of earth....