Monday, February 28, 2005


I am glad that things are idiot proof these days. I am not sure how I would have just put on my headphones if there wasn't the R and L on them.

Problems with easy solutions, that is what is happening to me. Everything just seems so simple that I don't even have to try to put them on the wrong way I can just check before I put them on. What is the fun in that.. No guessing and no adventure in trying to get things right on your own. I mean I had to check the headphones each time that I put them on, because even if they feel better a different way I would feel like an idiot walking around with them on the wrong ear for others to see that I didn't check.
I like the guessing game that could be from putting them on the right or wrong why. It is up to you to choice the way that you like them. Nothing is labeled, and the world still manages to make sense. I think that is because you get to figure things out on your own. Sure the majority of the time you fail on the first try, probably more. Maybe that is why we had to make problems with easy solutions, because failure is just not something that you are suppose to achieve. You won't be able to fail if they idiot proof things for you. Without failure the world has high self esteem, but what if people did the guessing game and figure them out on their own.
I did the guessing game, but I failed, so I had to resort to the easy solution, because I was going to fail again, or allow others to see my failure.