Friday, May 27, 2005

Mind Fear

I think that I am one of those people that like to create their own fear. I am not scared during movies, or when I honestly should be, but I am scared when I do it to myself. I am afraid of the dark. One of my friends used to tell me that I am not afraid of the dark itself but what is in the dark. I am beginning to think that it is is more what I think is there, that isn't. It is like I create stories about this or that. I am not scared when I see someone out there, or when a murder escaped from jail, but more when I thought I heard someone, or saw something move, most likely the wind. It is like creating your own joy, or sadness. The little things that are in my head scare me the most (well along with roller coasters but that is a different point). I am like the dog that is scared of its own shadow in the glass, but not the dog that could bite its head off, or is twice its size... The little phrases that are said can only add to it... like tonight when my friend was like yeah I am a little scared to because we are next to the interstate. It was just a million thoughts that ran through my head. It is like all of the possibilities that could happen in the dark are happening in my head. Fear is created through the spark in my mind that tells me I am to be afraid, although it isn't so much a fear of nothing, but as a fear finding out (being curious) if there is something more.