Saturday, May 21, 2005

exchanging halves

I have been working on cleaning out my closet and my drawers in my room at my parents house, so that I can unpack all of my things I brought back with me. It is much more effort than I thought. I have so much CRAP! I am seriously getting rid of more of it than I probably should, but I just want to make space. But when I was cleaning out some jewelry boxes, I kept finding old friends, or best, or forever charms. A lot of halves to friendships. It is just interesting to me that I no longer remember who has the other half to more than 7 out of the 10 I found. I don't want to write a lot of things about it because I fear that I might be the one that has changed, but it always seems easier to blame the other person. I would like to say that of the 3 I know who has the other half, I still have communication with the girl, but that isn't the case. It wasn't just in the time that I went to college out of state that I lost connection with these people, it was when we were growing up, just across a small town. I would like to trace back each of the 10 people, that hold the other halves and rekindle the friendship, that once had a necklace, because it was so dear, but there if there was 10 of them, how special were they to me even at the time. One I know who hold the other part would not even think of talking to me know, because I did change. I am sure I have changed since college also, but what about the things that drew us together in the first place. I haven't thought of what I am going to do with all the half friendships I hold. Maybe save them, but probably not. I will probably just remember that if someone I have a connection with, I just should not let them slip away, and that the halves should make a whole more than when the dust is uncovered.