Sunday, June 26, 2005

if it plays again

I am now working nights. I have 2 left actually. It is really hard for me not to think that it is 8 at night when I get off. I don't mind the nights, nor do I mind the days. I just have a hard time listening to the radio. There are Sirius radios in the majority of the trucks. I enjoy the station left of center, it plays emo and indie. My problem with any of the over 100 stations is that they play the same songs over and over much like the regular radio. I think that the radio needs to discover that there are a lot more songs but certain artists, or that just because they made it popular doesn't make the song good. I like to scan over the channels once 3 or 4 am rolls around just to keep myself awake, because there isn't much else to do. I suppose that hearing the same songs all summer won't kill, it is the boredom of the job that would. Plus the channel that only plays Elvis has less choices than the others, why not call the station "Broken Record" cause that is what almost every channel is.