Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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If I was still in Arizona it would be the first day of summer still, although I am not so I am about 40 minutes past it. I must say it was a day of summer. Some things that make me think of summer are peaches, lemonade, and mowing the lawn. I did eat a peach, and have some lemonade, but I did not make it to mowing the lawn, but plan on doing that tomorrow. I think that it really is summer all year long in Tempe, so it is hard for me to get excited about the sunshine, or the 90 degree temperatures like most of the people here. I am even at the point where I did not think that it was hot. I do enjoy the summer days. It is like a sunshine day... I think I will go for a walk outside... the summer sun's calling my name... EVERYBODY's smiling... Sunshine day!
I would listen to Summertime by Mae, and I also enjoyed to make other because it was the summer solstice.
"Here we are, here we are,
windows down we see a falling star.
Stop the car.
Waiting for nothing but our beating hearts, going far.

Oh, the summertime.
So feel the air, feel the air,
take the map and point to anywhere.
I don't care. Fingers through your hair,
the sky I've seen is blue and green.
Oh, the summertime."

It was just like the days of clear skies that you were able to see the stars, just like all the years I remember. The air crisp and clean. I was riding my bike, and it just seemed like a day for anything. I think that summertime is about that. It was also one of those days that anything could happen and it makes it just perfect.
It is interesting that for me that little thing was being called something by someone that I wasn't used to hearing. It was set, but I just am not used to being referred to by that name that is set aside. It was like a summertime feeling that came over me and meant so much, even though I never thought that I would because of one word.
Oh the Summertime!