Wednesday, July 27, 2005

far in the future

I want to escape the future. It seems that is the thing that everyone is focusing on. Yes, I was excited to get things done for the future, but I am not talking about the future of a month. I am excited for that close of one. I am just not so excited about the future of what are you doing next summer. There is so much determining that that I am not at all sure. I have to apply to my program, and I am planning on applying to more than just one school. If I don't get into Arizona's program, I want to spend the summer in the place that I am going to live, where ever that might be. Where will I be, I have no idea. I guess I like to think about the future when I am certain about it. I like to think about all things I am certain about. Isn't that a much more comfortable thing to do. I am not so sure that I want to worry about the future of next summer until at least first semester is over. Maybe we can just hang out and rest our minds. Isn't that what would be awesome to do on the future. I am not certain about it, and I might not be until it happens. I didn't pick a college the first time around until a week before graduation. I don't think that I need to hurry it again. I have a year at least this time, and a lot more things that will help me to decide. I just need to clear my mind, let it rest, rest on things that I can see not things I can't picture in my head yet.