Tuesday, July 26, 2005

finally full

I finished my class schedule today. I know it seems late, but the thing was that I really wanted to tutor at a certain place and my classes were not allowing me to do this. I thought I would wait until the drop date for not paying tuition. Turns out I got things figured out, and I am just going to have to tutor 2 afternoons a week, and pick up something else also. My problem was that I was just so frustrated with this. It was probably half way due to the fact that I just got off night shift, and didn't sleep at all today. I just hate wasting the days. I got a lot accomplished, so now I just have to hope that I enjoy the classes I got, or just suffer through them. For some reason actually being a full time student, accepting your financial aid, sending a check for your APT rent, and getting at least 8 hours a week of a job makes you feel a lot more ready for school. A thrill of excitement entered me today when it happened. Doing all these things so late in the summer just help me to know that I wasn't going to be working at the mine forever. It was the settling sound of only 11 days (really 3 nights, 8 days) left out there, before my car is packed to the max and headed south. I am not going to look back on my summer just yet, because I still have an actual weekend left that I have off. I think that makes it a lot easier to know a lot of things. I have a lot of thoughts on it, but I will save them a few more weeks.
I doubt that I will delay to do things for my classes again. I am a jr. by credits so I should have been able to get into a lot higher standing classes. I do have a lot of time between my classes, but I am hoping to use it for study and work time. It will help me to get things done, when I have to. It seems like only taking 13 hours I will have a lot of time, but I suppose with 2 jobs I am going to pick up, and the fact of 2 studios in those 13 things will be crazy like always.
I am a full time registered, paid, and ready to go back student.