Tuesday, July 19, 2005

i paid to much to see a remake

I went to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the theater tonight. I must say I have been avoiding going to theaters due to the high price of tickets, but I wanted to do something tonight. I must admit living in Wyoming, there wasn't much less since I wanted to go out. But the fact of the matter is that movies are very overpriced, and I am now banding them until they are cheaper. I will rent, I can wait that long. I also think that movies are not meant to be remade. I am not sure how Willy Wonka fits into this because it was good. I think that when movies follow a book, they need to do so exactly. Being the 2nd movie off this book, it had some standards to met. It followed the book closer, but I am not so sure about the movie itself. My favorite part of the first one was how they went down the stairs into the land of pure imagination. I think that this movie rushed things along more, but focused more on Willy Wonka over the others taking the development of each part. I think that it was played terrific, and the sketchiness of the character was amazing. I am not sure I would way the 7.75 to see this movie again in theaters, but I am sure that I missed a lot of details, that I would enjoy going back and watching for. I am still confused if they should redo movies. I mean this one had made a name for itself, the first time around. Singing and dancing Oompas, so much to reach. Remake, or just move on to another book since it seems movies can not be written anymore, they are just directed.