Sunday, July 03, 2005

Whole to parts

The thing that I enjoy most about work is that I get to see the sun rise and set each day I work. Tonight on the way home I watched it the entire time. Not to worry about the safety of the other drivers on the road, I was a passenger. Each and every night it is a different feel of beauty in the same form. Nothing about the sunset is the same from day to day. Clouds are placed differently, the colors blend to form more, or a variety of shades, or just the form of the sun and its rays change and keep the sunset's uniqueness of beauty. It is like taking the beauty of each part of a whole. Tonight I stood in the dark staring at a single white flower, but not the entire thing, just one of the petals. It was something about the lines that created the shape, and everything that made the beauty of the whole. I suppose things are slower for me this summer than I am used to and so I am able to take the time as they say to "stop and smell the flowers". I have done it in the past, but now it is like seeing each part and each detail that work together to create the beauty of the whole. I was beginning to wonder if you could do it in more things of life. Not to see beauty but to create a bigger picture of something small. It would be like combining every event or conversation with a person you have ever had, and having that person form to that. I mean that is what we do. We take what we know to create the parts we don't. or take the smaller details of the person to find the enjoyment that we have with them. The big difference with taking the parts of beauty is that you see the parts as a whole and then break it down, whereas with the having the parts form the whole. It doesn't seem like it would be a difference, but I think that will seeing the beauty, you have to look at the large and love it before you can take and give the parts the appreciation they deserve for the whole.