Sunday, August 07, 2005

creek street drinking

In Wyoming, it seems that things are based around the street and alcohol. This weekend was Deer Creek Days in the town over from mine. It has always been one of summer's events that brings a lot of people into the street. Last night was the annual street dance. When I was able to drive there, of course it was the highlight of my summer. I hadn't been in a few years, and I have to admit, I was not completely ready to go back. It was always the biggest drunk event that I could think of. Minors in the streets with full white cups, middle aged men staring at the young girls in tank tops. Yet each year I went it was a blast to be at. Last night fulfilled each of the events from the previous years. It was the first time all summer that I had seen a lot of people since high school. I reacted to them like I would have any other day. It was fun to be with some that I have had little contact with but enough to keep it a relationship. I suppose that even though I haven't had time to see anyone this summer, there were relationships that I wanted to go back to, and grow back up. Back why not at Deer Creek days. The street dance was a lot of younger kids. That was always the place that I would hang out, but this year I felt out of place, and way to old. The beer garden was where I found that I belonged. It was mostly underaged kids, but that didn't mean that there wasn't enough alcohol to go around. The night went fast. I met some people from a different town, saw a lot of people I knew at one time, and I experienced a form of entertainment in Wyoming. Overall I am still in thought that it should be called Drunk Creek Days, and that more places should support underage drinking in a closed off place like they do.