Tuesday, September 27, 2005

thanks for reading

When I was leaving class today, a guy held the door open for me. Without thinking about it I said thank you. He seemed surpised, but replied with a you are welcome....
This as really gotten me thinking about how much the little we say go unnoticed, or are not said at all anymore. When I walk in front of someone that is looking for an item on a shelf at a store, I say excuse me. When I am dropped off by the bus, I say thank you. I suppose these are my small town roots coming forth, but still it seems that no one says them anymore.
There is the boy I tutor, and he always stays a little after to much sure everything is cleaned up. I have never asked him to, but yet he gives up some of this time to do it. I tell him thank you each time, but I don't think those words express that I really am glad he stayed to help me. Yet everything I thank him, his eyes light up, and he smiles without a response.
It makes me wonder if he ever hears these words. Does his mom tell him thanks when he has cleaned up after dinner? Will he know that the words are simple but yet true.
I remembering having to be reminded to say thank you, or please when I asked for something when I was little. It was pounded into me. I now catch myself saying "how do you ask" or "tell her thank you" as we walk away from something. Not just with little kids, but my peers. It seems this is the way to get these phases unforced from your mouth.

I will probably post the paper I wrote for my english class, soon. It is poorly written if you ask me, but it reflects on my experience this summer. I know that this summer I didn't write to highly of it, so it might be a way to look back on it with a bit more reflection. (my english class is called "Writing Refective Essays")