Wednesday, September 21, 2005

white towel

It doesn't seem like the end of September already, and the thought that I have not blogged yet this month is out of my mind.

School has taken over my life.

I thought about writting the other day when I was hit with this amazing insite about something new, yet I didn't.

It is fall right now, at least everywhere else it is. The leaves will be changing soon, but only the sun rays will fall here. More than anything right now I have been experiencing the fact that I miss the isolated land. We went swimming the other night,when the stars should be out, we counted about seven. I saw the sky, when the smog broke through just a second. The grass was wet the other morning, no mistaking sprinklers for dew.

Maybe this is why I am not so worried about school taking over my life.
There isn't beauty of the nature... so with my school work I have to create the beauty of the moment---drafting, drawing----