Saturday, May 06, 2006

focal restart

The time has pasted, and I am here again. I bring myself back to a place of comfort when things start to change. Back to a place where I can change a face, and let the time that has slipped by be left in place. I can pick up right where I left off, because my writing doesn't change, just the person that is writing it has.

Summer is coming. I assume I will be writing more to pass the time. It does feel that time sits still when I write, but the clock never fails me to change the hands around. A normal occurrence when you are in a comfortable place.

I changed the background, because I am much simpler than the green. It was overpowering the person that needs to shine through. That is something I am a lot more aware of these days, who to let what needs to shine through, come through.

I went shopping today. I don't have money to spend, and with the credit cards bills piling up, was it truly something I needed to do. But I went just the same. I was waiting in the dressing room, where a girl had a shirt and was trying to find the perfect top for it. It was a stripped shirt, lots of layers of cloth, but simple colors. She tried a white shirt on with it, and then a tan one the same style. I noticed that the white was to bright for the shirt, it took away from the already busy shirt that should have been the eye catching factor. She asked me what color I liked better, and I told her what I thought. She was like thanks that is a great point, I love this shirt and want people to notice it over my top that needs to just be simple.

I think that I do that a lot. I forget what is most important, I draw a lot of sparkle and flash into the smaller things trying to make them just as important, but truth is things do need to stand out.

I purchased a shirt today. It is pot-a-dot of all bright colors. The back is open with the top and bottom connecting. You need to just where a tank top under it. I was think about when I was buying it how the tank top would bring out whatever color I felt was the most important at the time. It was just a simple shirt, but it will focus more attention.

I have learned about emphasis in design. It is drawing the attention to a specific area, or feature. It can be done in many ways, just like it can be done in life. I feel that with the white simple background. My writing is the most important part.