Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wasted Space and Time

I am not going to lie. I am on myspace ( and facebook.

It is a waste of time. Both sites. It does give people a part of me but these pages don't really show exactly who I am. They give parts and pieces but really a false image overall. I spend some wasted time on myself today. Just looking at people's pages. Thinking that I will waste time doing this again and again.

so overall it these sites have millions of members and visitors to them each day. When I would go to the library or the computer lab that is what most people would be looking at. I am not sure that I would say I am that into. I am pretty embarrassed to look at my page or anyone else's in public. I could be called a closet myspacer. I will use it on my own computer but that is all. I haven't added fancy colors, or songs to my page. I just try to keep things simple.

One day I tried to delete my page. It was to hard, I got sucked in to looking at my friends. I wanted to know what everyone was up to. I just don't like giving people a part of me. I want them to know ALL of me. I do tell things, and I do show myself. But it isn't like you can really get the person I am from a few things I like, and a few I don't.

I hate when people tell you who they think they are. I am sure that I do this, but I just can't stand it. I am a down to earth girl who loves to hug trees. It is like telling people that they need to see these characteristics in you that you think you have.

But what can I say. I am attached to knowing that someone might have left me a comment, or that I can see who is doing what. Overall I can just say that I am into it. I will waste much time with it. But I will work on showing more of who I am and not tell who I am