Monday, April 30, 2007

Janelle needs..

I saw this idea from, who got it from someone else... I am slow so it took me a few googles to figure it out..
But this according to Google.. Janelle needs (in other words I googled Janelle needs and found the following)
•I need to win.
•I need to take one for the team.
•I need a liiiifffeee! (this one could be true)
•I need an investment banker so that way I won't have to steal what I want...
•I need a perm. (I will stick to just a haircut!)
•I need to take her to the final. (Is this my lucky her, because I do have finals.. 4 next week actually AW)
•I need to start participating. (I should I think this would make a lot of things a lot better.)
•...carriage driving. (I could go for this just because I would then be in New York and it is not as stinking hot there!)
•Janelle needs to get closer..
•I need my constant companion. (YES YES I need a dog!)
•I need more blog posts in my blog...(this one is more likely than not TRUE!)
•Janelle needs to go