Sunday, May 06, 2007

Study escape

This weekend was mainly spend trying to recall the things I have "learned" or placed into my short term memory and now need to restore again for the last exams of the semester.
I was able to escape a bit from the notebooks of reviews. I had to in order to make it through.
I made some banana bread and muffins. It is my mom's recipe and I must admit the BEST recipe out there. It is soo soo good.. The photo is just after the bananas are put with everything else awaiting their fate of being all mixed up.
I also made it to the park, a different one than last Sunday afternoon. This weekend we went to Papago Park. It is very close to the Phoenix zoo, and Botanical gardens and has mostly desert plants and scenery. The main attraction are the rock formations, the one in the photos is "Hole in the Rock". Although the first time I went to see it, I was unaware that there man-made steps up the back of it, so my brother and I climbed up the rocks, wondering the entire time how the little kids at the top managed.
The Saguaro is the cactus that holds that Arizona state flower. I must admit that when I choose this park for the afternoon I was hoping for more natural color from flowers but really the state flower was about all I could find. There were a lot of palm trees around all the "fishing holes" and massive fish in them. Although the water is soo nasty in the "lakes/ponds" I would not dear to eat the fish for fear of gross polluted things the fish ate.
I will stop putting photos together.. it is just not working out how I want it too.. But yeah at least there is a REALLY blue bowl!!