Sunday, April 22, 2007

Paint it all orange!

Today marked the first of the Suns playoff games...
At the game we received orange shirts. It was an entertaining game. You can tell that we were very high, in fact a row short of the top but hey!
The first Picture is Boris Diaw- #3... He came out before the game and shot around. That was when we were sitting down on the floor seats, before we had to move up to seeing everything but the players.
The second is from the top when they were introducing the Suns starting line up. Notice all the orange shirts.

I was reading my old blogs posts and I thought about the blogs that I really like.. Ones that have a lot of things that they have created, made, or drawn...
So that is what I am going to work on getting more on here... but I must say.. I am getting a lot more photos up!
Phoenix is being painted orange with "Eyes on the Prize"