Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Green stains on the bottom of my feet.

My heart and prayers go out to those anyway impacted or touched with VT.

I love to run barefoot in grass. There isn't much grass around here (which I believe is a good thing) but when I am around it.. I take my sandals off and run. Or I love to spin in circles until I am soo dizzy I fall into the grass. Just the feeling of the cool grass on my feet..
The other day on my bike ride the chain fell off my bike... we stopped to put it back on, next to a patch of grass... as my boy was tugging at my chain I ran... barefoot in the grass...
He look over at me and just smiled...
This is how I came to the conclusion to name my blog after this... Barefoot in the grass..

I have photos on the camera that will bring this to life for you... Now to get them on the computer.... the time will come..

Off to drink tea and read Freakonomics... not my first choice of book but turning out to be interesting.

In spirit of my blog's new identity... I encourage you, when you see a patch or lawn of grass... take off your foot wear and spin around in the grass until you are so dizzy you fall down!