Sunday, April 15, 2007

Take Time

Everything makes a lot more since.. when I am sitting back drinking tea. I am not sure how it does it.
•I have taken the time to know that I might not land the internship of my dreams, but that doesn't mean once that the wrong one will lead me to have many chances to know what I the perfect job for me to land is.
•That you don't have to get up earlier in the morning to accomplish the simple task of eating breakfast, just save water (time) and take a shorter shower.
•When you experience new creative outlets, your entire life becomes more creative.
• Things make more since to me in list form.
•Remember to drink tea about an hour before bed... For the simple fact of bad dreams, and having to wake up to pee!

I think that I have just been so stressed the past few weeks, worrying about nothing that I should be.
I heard a quote tonight on Extreme makeover Home Edition (the about 4 minutes I watched it) that really hit me...
"Lots of things to think about, but nothing to worry about."

Now that I am drinking me tea.. It really makes me think about how there is nothing to worry about... that worry just drives holes through my stomach lining and makes me feel stressed about so many things I can control.
I didn't take a nap today. My second Sunday in a row without a nap! I must say I didn't take one because I was accomplishing task after task... now that I am taking time I know that if I had taken a nap, I would not have finished a lot of other tasks that were for enjoyment today.

I posted the photo because when I took this photo I was taking time to enjoy everything. I was in San Diego for the first (and only) time. I really longed to just take time and enjoy all the sites and smells. I had not seen the ocean in years so I loved to the tide pools. Listening to the crashing waves.