Monday, April 16, 2007

Big man... on a bike...

First I have to admit that I was an idiot and forgot to change the ISO of my camera.. so all of my Spring Break photos are not that great of quality. Maybe next time I will not be so dense when I am OUTSIDE! In the like totally SUNNY SUN!
But I really am beginning to think that I should be at Northern Arizona University. I think this guy is more my style than some little cartoon by Walt Disney.
This photo was in Flagstaff. I wanted to see a bit of their campus so before we left for the Grand Canyon we went there and saw this amazingly tall DUDE!
I enjoy being a tourist...
----You can take photos with everything and people just think you have never seen anything like it before. If I go back to NAU's Campus, I plan on dressing like this Lumberjack and retaking a photo with him.
----Also you can wonder aimlessly and never have a fear of getting lost. You can always ask for directions.

I took a break from writing this so I could go for a bike ride. We needed some things to make our dinner complete.. so instead of dealing with the traffic, we rode. It was a perfect evening for a bike ride. The air has a chill to it today.
My suggestion for the night..
go for a bike ride.. and come back and drink some tea.