Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall Withdraw

I live in a desert. Leaves just die off of trees, they do not change beautiful colors and then fall. I am craving some fall activities, feelings, or just food. Here is what I have found for fall and why I just love it soo soo much.

In the future I am totally planning a trip to this festival!
They also have pumpkin recipes for EVERYTHING possible on this page. and the WORLD'S LARGEST PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fall Changing... is just beautiful. Here is a list of the top 15 places for leaves changing.

Household items in earth tones!
All of Crate and Barrel's fall line... and of course their cute festival details. Look at any of their room views on their dining tables! Makes me want to eat pumpkin and turkey! and cuddle in front of the fire place....

SWEATERS! and other fall clothes... I turn my ac on high and wear fall/winter clothes around my place because I want to soo bad!
Anthropologie has a "spice rack" inspiration this fall.. so cozy.. so warm...

I can't forget to mention the fact that new tv seasons start. Although what does it matter now that Gilmore Girls is over. I need a new series to watch. Although I think Beauty and the Geek is promising this year.

So in order to get my fill of fall. I am going to bake, wear sweaters, and take a trip up to Northern Arizona. See some leaves change and get some cooler temps. Plus double check our wedding location!