Thursday, September 27, 2007

FALLing in love

Food in the Fall makes me FALL in love...
Here are some of my new and old favorites of fall..
•Pumpkin Cream Cheese (Einstein's Bagels carries it starting Sept. 1st!)
•Pumpkin Pancakes, I had some at IHOP a couple weeks ago! YUM YUM YUM
•Apple Cider
•I made a fun fall trail mix
Banana Chips
Pumpkin Seeds
Fall M and Ms
Candy Corn
•Apple Sauce (Sunflower Market has the BEST organic apple sauce)
•Crock Pot Meals (Sesame Ginger Chicken = yummy and simple)
•Pumpkin Ale (Although I have not tried it yet, I just know this beer is for me!)
•Pumpkin Pie (the best is made with soft vanilla ice cream)
•Pumpkin Bread
•Basically ANYTHING pumpkin!

Now I am hungry and ready to eat...
Eat and enjoy