Wednesday, September 17, 2008


After the wedding day was over... we took off on a plane to see the shore. We went to Maine. Flew in and then drove up the coast, stops and stops along the way. In no particular order here are some photos of the trip.

This is Lenny the chocolate moose. He is living in a candy shop. Made of 1,700 pounds of milk chocolate. He now as some dark chocolate bear friends.

Lighthouse in the fog. From the boat.

A WHALE!! the second largest whale. Don't show their tales.. too much weight to get outta the water.


Blueberry EVERYTHING! Soda, pie, taffy, lemonade, pancakes, jelly, syrup, cookies, fudge, caramel corn, probably anything you can ever eat as a blueberry!

Sunset kayaking.

I didn't paddle much. Too much to see and take photos of!

Mark our guide telling us about lobster trapping. Each lobster man has a different color pattern registered with the state.
The only bridge like this in Arcadia National Park. Build 1925.

My hubby hub hub biking in Arcadia! We rode all morning, for many many miles!


The HoneyMainers. The path to the lighthouse.

The path to the lighthouse.

Where my Beka lives on the largest globe!