Wednesday, December 22, 2004

And that's the way the cookie crumbles

Decorated Christmas cookies tonight... It was just something that you have to do before Christmas comes. Christmas music playing and just everyone having a good time.
I asked my sister to get my grinch from the preschool house for me, and she thought it would be funny to dress it up in underwear, to bring to me. I must say that it was very funny! The grinch was working the corner very well... corner of my kitchen that is.
I will put some photos of both events....soon
I must say that my house is not at all quiet like I thought it would be. Probably because for now, my sister, her fiancé, and I am all here. Soon enough though it will go back to the parents and me, and the family dinners won't be so eventful.
Tonight at dinner was calm for the most part...
We read some Christmas letters from my uncle.. HAHAHA that is the best part about Christmas. My dad's side of the family, NOT ALL OF THEM, but the ones I am closely related enjoy telling you all the parts of their lives, not the good things, mostly the bad. It was really a good one to read this year. I must admit that those always bring a smile to your face, one of the biggest of the season!
Other than that, I just got my old man, with flour during cookie baking time, but it was a pretty fun time around my house, and I can tell you that it makes me glad to have my family.
But I do miss having my BIG BUDDER around... family dinners don't have food fights without him.