Monday, December 20, 2004

snow of christmas

I woke up this morning to the wind blowing, and the snow falling. It seems so completely different. It was one of those days, that I didn't want to get outta my sweats, and just drink hot tea. I did drink the hot tea, but I had to get to work. I worked 7 hours. I wasn't expecting to work that much today but I am glad for the money... plus wrapping presents and giving out meds isn't all that hard of work. I work 8 hour days the rest of the week.
I have noticed how I see at least 5 people that I know everywhere I go. It seems like such a small place. I know that it is, but it just seems like I should be able to go at least one place and not know someone. I like how in Tempe, if I see someone that I know it is an excitement. It is hard for me to get excited at all about knowing anyone, cause you know them all. I have also noticed how when people here see each other it is all small talk or gossip. I can't stand it... it is oo did you see the truck that hit the power pole (really did happen this morn) or just the most random I don't care so why am I asking questions.
I have also came to notice why I used to have a hard time getting into Christmas. Working here and seeing how shallow most people are about it, makes me notice it. People just get upset at the 5 people in line at the post office, or at someone driving slow down the street. They also just take the surprise and excitement out of it. I suppose they have stopped searching for it.. they know what is going to happen because everything is the same, year after year....
Tonight I had a gift wrapping party... I got all my gifts wrapped, but I need more to wrap... gosh it is soo fun to do... I will probably make someone bring me all theirs tomorrow.
I am trying not to loose the excitement that I had for the holidays now that I am back in the same old of everything, and the bad attitudes of the customers, and not so joy of Christmas....