Sunday, December 19, 2004

freeze me over

It seems that having to be somewhere that you are not sure you want to be doesn't really fit. But then you learn that you are good there and that you should be there because it turns out to be awesome. I am really enjoying spending time here in Wyoming. Mostly because I am staying busy thus far. I have been hanging out with my best friend, and visiting the kids I haven't gotten the chance to see. I also already worked and 8 hour day. I have also got to spend time with my family well mom and sister. I should hopefully get to see my dad for the first time tomorrow. It was good to see my sister get in to town late tonight.
I think that for now it is awesome, because I am busy. I mean I got home, worked, and just been catching up. I think that once things slow down I will be longing for the hotness of AZ soon! It seems that I am suppose to fit here, and all things are just suppose to be how they were when I left. I mean the people that I used to hang out with aren't the same, and there are a lot of other changes too.. So how can we just pretend that things are how they were. I think that that is what most people come back to do. I am not so much like that. I will be who I have become, and live the life I have there working this place back into it.
I am going to have to post about the concert I went to the night before I left, along with some other things... but I really have to get some sleep.
my mom doesn't like my smoker's cough.. even when I tell her it is all because I am a pot head now. but ya know...