Sunday, December 19, 2004

will it make it

Well I thought that I would share about my trip home.. it was an adventure
I had a 6 am flight on Friday morn. When I was traveling at Thanksgiving they said to be there 30 min before so I thought it would be the same... well it turns out for United you have to be there 45 min early. so I was there 40 min early but that wasn't enough... I "missed my flight" I got into a long line to try and see if I could get on the next one each was at 7 am. There were a of people in that line for that flight, and it was a slow moving line. We never thought we would be checked in on time, and make it through security. Well the lady at the counter.. was going to put me on a 930 just to make sure I could get through security, but accidently put me on the 7 am. So i ran and out into line, and waited about 15 min there until I went to the first class people so I could make my flight cause it was boarding and had been for 15 minutes.
Once I made it on the plane.. the plane didn't move... it was getting some paperwork from some repairs.. I was like WHAT IS THIS!! so the plane landed 20 minutes late... making me miss my shuttle.
I had to wait about an hour for the next one, but that was alright because it gave me time to buy the ticket and do all the things I really had to do before I got on to the bus.. like pee. But so then I rode a shuttle to Ft. Collins. The ride was about 1 hour 20 min. Not bad.. the old people were really nice.. I was the youngest by about 30 years.. at the least.
Got to Ft. Collins.. .and saw the G-rents right away... got to spend around 3 hours with them until my mom came down to get me.... then shopped with her... then shopped more in Cheyenne.. then drove the long way home..
I could have driven here from Tempe in the time it took me to get home. It was a LONG day..
But that is alright
I worked Saturday at the ONLY LOCALLY owned Pharmacy. It was a LONg 8 hour day... but yeah... I had to answer all the school how is college questions--- forever lots.
Then there was today and the Church crowd asking the repeated questions. I went to the next town over to finish up some shopping. That went well. ERR NO IT DIDN'T ... I was going to do a few things for my mom's friend... wow OVERLOAD! It was crazy... line were long to... and just everything was crazy there. I was so like this is soo small. .. and I couldn't find things.. and yeah but it was an alright time... got to hang out with some of my almost extended family...