Friday, July 15, 2005

thoughts of a day

I had this idea for a blog. I am a list maker, so I thought what if I made a list of thoughts I had a day. When that was WAY to many random things. But what about a few...
• I thought about having someone on your mind, and how isn't that an interesting idea. What is it that puts them on your idea, is it an event, smell or just a general feeling of like. I also thought about how long can you think about that person. If you think about them for a long time, is it like you think just about things you have done together, or after a while, do you start to daydream things you would do with this person.
• When you talk to someone what to they look at when they are not looking at your eyes, like when they are gazing behind you, and what are they really thinking about when they are talking to you.
• I wonder if I would even making through. Just like with each little thing that I do.
• Do people watch me like I watch them. I am really into the things at people do. I mean just like where they sit at a table compare to others. I just wonder if people observe my behavior like I do theirs.
• How do you answer when you are really uncomfortable with the comment someone made.
• Beauty in this world is in so many forms. I thought about how it was in voices.

okay that is just somethings I thought today.. not even half, just some I remember.