Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Time to Say it , Time to Say it...Goodbye, Goodbye"

It is one of the hardest things to loose someone from your life. It is something when they are your age, and not just an elderly person you knew.

Time to say it...
I have memories with these people. I have regrets of how I treated them. I know there are a thousand things I could have done for them, but never did. But I also have the funny memories, and the times that will live on through the photographs-- I miss that time!

Time to say it...
I feel like I should be someone else right now. I should be in the place that I grew up, the place that reminds me of them, with the people that need a shoulder to cry on. It is time to say that I should have put school, and money to the side and gone to Wyoming. I feel today that I should be somewhere else. I couldn't even handle going to my afternoon class.

Goodbye, Goodbye
Goodbye to my friends. Goodbye.

It is more real today than since I heard. It is real that I don't be able to hear Casey's laugh, or Josh truck driving in front of my house. It is real that people are saying their goodbyes, and having closure in the town that raised us all.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spillover DTR

I am in the middle of studying for a test that I have on Thursday, in my Leisure and the Quality of Life class. (Side Note) It is a recreation credit that counts towards my minor of tourism. I was just reviewing the benefit factors of having leisure in one's life. I was trying to look at people I knew and relate them to the different categories in order to remember them better. It made me look at how I am living. I am totally emerged in school. It is leisure for me though. I can reach the level of "flow". It is a right side of the brain activity, and it is one of my favorite, so it is a good thing that I am spending a lot of time with it.
This is the type of work you want to have, one that overlaps with your leisure. My problem with this is that I don't feel like I have a lot of anything else. Reading about the Spill of theory: where my work and leisure are basically equal, I know that I will be able to each eudaimonia (a full life lived well that has each of the partial goods-- bodily, social, wealth, external, pleasure, soul). I suppose that I just need to work on staying active, and "playing games".
It is something to think about though, just working on balancing more leisure into one's life. I never thought of it as more than "free time" before since I am totally into school, and school work.

Something else I have been thinking about a lot is how people define relationships. DTR-define the relationship. I am beginning to think that it is totally something that everyone should do, because it tells you want the other person thinks of the relationship, where it should be going for them, or they want it to go, and also it just helps to rebuild trust. I am beginning to think that it would be more helpful for friendships than "romantic" relationships. If you were to sit with a friend and talk about your relationship, parts that need to be worked on, or even the parts you enjoy- that friendship is going to be one that grows a lot more than one that hasn't one that but just struggles through the differences, and fights.
The disadvantage of DTRs is when the people don't see the relationship that same way, it can end the relationship all together, or get them on the same page. It is overall a plan. So have a DTR today!