Wednesday, February 14, 2007

as a day might be... lovely

Once a year on this day, I have to let everyone I know how much I love them!
So I LOVE YOU all.

Isn't amazing how St. Valentine did that... got everyone to send cards to each other, eat chocolate, and have candlelit dinners. I am doubting that when he died that was his dream, but you never know. He could have owned Hallmark, Russel Stovers, or the first Melting Pot.

Instead of getting all mushy on you all. I am going to just say what I have said and move on to some new things.

I am going to do a lot more in my life.. like to build more new experiences of my life.
I am just not sure what I am going to do.. Anyone with any ideas, let me know.

I am sure that EVERYONE is wondering how I am doing on my new things I was going to try to do. Let me tell you... I am NOT very good with developing new things into my overly crowded life... I should have made one a way of simplifing my life...
But here is a short of how things are going..
I have NOT waken up early, not even probably one day.
I did 3 doodles... mainly because my class was boring, 3 days in a row.
Saving... will go better when I get my scholarhship.
I HAVE been drinking a lot more water... I honestly feel this just makes me have to pee a lot more... during the night usually... and then I have bad dreams and so on.
No new bands have been discovered (Send me some)
I have 2 more months for a weekend trip! OOO WAIT I planned one! I am going to Wyoming for a weekend in March. Not that exciting but something, and it will be cheap on my pockets.
I heard about Anna Nicole Smith, and the snow storms, and the lady that wore space diaper to kill another lady, and some local killings... somewhat current events I have been reading.
Going to the career fair tomorrow for the intern hunt
I made a card for my boy for today. and a birthday card for a friend... I guess those could count.
I have been studying for a test. Although I know I am not totally focused on school...

I must say I am doing better than I thought I would be. MUCH better!

Well Give someone a hug goodnight, and remember today I love you.